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When Was The Last Time You Gave A Man Flowers? by Sherri Rosen

I usually buy flowers for my home. I especially love roses and orchids. If you walked into my home today you would find an indoor garden of yellow and red tipped roses, orchids, Christmas tree cactus, a Fica tree and a Geraniam plant. I’ve always loved flowers either buying them for myself, receiving them or buying for others. I especially enjoy giving men flowers. Especially when I see the surprised look on their faces. I first began doing this with a man that I met in the 70’s and he at that time told me it was the firs time he ever received flowers from anyone.

Why don’t we give men flowers? Why is it accepted that women receive the flowers given to them by the male counterpart in the relationship.

Yesterday I walked out with one of the roses below in my hand and I saw my super and I gave him a rose. He was surprised. I asked him when was the last time he received flowers. He said “never, you are the first one to give me a flower.” His whole body seem to soften. He was truly excited so much so that he had to leave and go to his apartment
and put the rose in water. It was a joy to watch his excitement.

I then began asking some men I know when the last time was they received flowers. With the few that I asked they said many years ago. That made me sad, although they didn’t seem to mind.

I’ve always enjoyed giving a man flowers. When I said my super’s body softened, I believe that is what happens when you give a man flowers, his body softens, unless they have been so conditioned to feel it’s a sissy thing for them to accept flowers. I love when a person can embrace both their masculine and feminine side.

We’ve been so conditioned to feel that only the female in the relationship would receive the flowers. WRONG! Next time you walk by a flower stand, stop, buy yourself some flowers and then buy some for a man in your life-friend, lover, husband, stranger. See what happens. In most cases I believe they will be delighted.
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