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Review by Sherri Rosen of “A Story Of Becoming” by Ayn Cates Sullivan

I’ve read and reread this book many times. Each time I read I receive another gift. The book is for children and adults. The artist, Belle Crow Du Cray, brings each page alive with her illustrations.

The messages in the book are universal. Each of you will have your own personal experience when you read and reread this book. I wanted to share some of my personal experiences and messages that I received which are:

l. When facing hard times, never give up.

2. Be generous-whatever you give-comes back and multiplies

3. Sometimes the traditional way of doing something isn’t needed

4. Believe in miracles and magic

Buy this book. It’s magical and inspirational for you and the entire family.a story of becoming book cover

It can be purchased on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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