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Sherri Rosen is Adding Another Skill To Her Publicity–Storytelling!

I’ve been an actress in a past life and just recently I’ve gotten involved in studying Improvisational Theatre with Hal Peller.  I’ve also written many press releases, non-fiction stories for different clients and online magazines, and I decided my next step is bringing my stories live to the stage.  There’s nothing more exciting for me than connecting with an audience in sharing my many non-fiction stories.

Improvising a story is very different than just getting up and reading a story.  Either one is fine, but it takes a great deal of skill to improvise a story while keeping the audience with you.  Almost like doing standup comedy.

There is a certain formula that a performer must follow to improvise and hopefully if I’ve done it right the audience will either laugh, cry or be shocked.  Hopefully I don’t “bomb”, but you never know.  I just have to take the risk and do it.

So I’ve posted a few videos up on my storytelling site for your enjoyment.  And you will continue to see more as time goes by.  The storytelling site is:





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