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Do You Understand What Microaggresions Are? Sherri Rosen….

 Do you understand what microaggressions are?


Sherri Rosen

Sherri Rosen

ways we’ve been conditioned to say racist remarks to others. Please checkout the short YouTube videos and you’ll get it! Please pass on.

When you view the short videos you will see how in our day to day lives these subtleties have been so accepted.  

Some I used to get all the time :”if I knew you were such a nice Jew I would have introduced you to my parents much sooner.”  Or walking by a construction site getting all of the objectifying remarks  you could possibly imagine, such as “hey baby why don’t you smile?”  

Anyone else want to share receiving microaggressions from others?  It’s usually under the guise of a compliment that

will knock your socks off when you receive it.  It happens to all colors, women, & gay and transgender communities. You name it—anyone who appears different!  Many people don’t even realize they have been the recipient of a microaggression or the giver because we’ve become so conditioned.  Share them with us if you like. Let’s get it out there to heal from all of this. 

And if you have just now woken up to these micro aggressions, the next time someone throws one at you, “say something.!”

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One Response to “Do You Understand What Microaggresions Are? Sherri Rosen”

  1. Joanie Watkins Says:

    Sherri I suffered from another hurtful type of bigoted experience. It falls into the ‘look Jewish’ type of thing. People always spoke badly about Jews to me believing I was Christian. I took to wearing a Jewish star to avoid it. In fact one time I was a counselor at a Jewish camp. One boy began gossiping about me, saying I wasn’t Jewish, and acted like I was Jewish to fit in and that’s why I wore the star. When I was in my early 20s, in the early 50s, I lived in Miami, Fl. for awhile. A handsome guy invited me to. really nice club. He said is was really one of the ‘good’ clubs. I asked him why. He said because it was restricted. I said that I wouldn’t be allowed in.

    Even non Jewish ‘friends’ have used an expression like ‘jewing him down’ referring to bargaining. I say. “this is offensive to me” and they look surprised. They actually think it is so true that I agreed and wouldn’t get offended.

    When you leave NYC it is really worse. It doesn’t have to be that far out of NY. Like the boroughs, Or Jersey.

    It is awful.

    I just found out that I am 89% Eastern European Jewish. I am really exited and proud of it

    I am looking for a nice Mazuzah now,

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