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March For Our Lives-3/24/18-NYC-My Experience-Sherri Rosen

It’s 4am Sunday morning and I’m reflecting on the full day of the March yesterday in NYC.

Right before I was ready to leave I received a call from a friend that our mutual friend, Vicky, had a
long time companion who committed suicide.  That was at 9am.  Needless to say the news
was shocking, but somehow, it made me feel, now more than ever, it was so important to attend
this demonstration.
 I’ve been to many demonstrations and I will keep going until our country “gets it right”
and we flip the house and vote for politicians who care about us and all of our children.
At the Demonstration they were handing out stickers saying “Impeach Trump and Pence”, people
carrying all sorts of signs, one in particular that had humor to it “boobs not bullets.”  The demonstration
began in front of Trump’s Hotel at W. 6lst Street and Central Park West, all the way up to West 96th Street.
Men, women and children, many many children.  I thought to myself “I was glad that the children are involved
in this demonstration.   They truly are realizing at a young age how important is to take part in our democracy
and showup when people in power are trying to take away our country.”  Participants were young, middle-age,
old, people with canes, people in wheelchairs.
I went with a friend who had been part of the Black Panthers growing up in the 60’s. Whatever you know about the Black Panthers, they began doing good things for communities and then our government got threatened by them, and destroyed each and every member one by one.  My friend has always been on the side of justice in our country.
It took some young kids in Parkland, Florida to begin this powerful movement, after the shooting in their school.  These kids are powerful. While listening to many of the kids speak myself and many others were crying just listening to them speak about what it’s like to be shot at and see your friends die right before your eyes.  The people of color have been dealing with losing their male children to the police for ages, while the police shoot them for no good reason.  So I was there to honor and respect and demonstrate for not only white children, but the kids who are black, brown and yellow.  Knowing we have to protect all children and we need to retrain our police to protect our kids of color not murder them.
While listening to one of the kids speaking about her experience and choked with tears all the way throough I began to cry and a woman next to me handed me a tissue while holding her small child.
I wanted to “showup” at the demonstration and listen to some of the experiences from the kids themselves which is what my friend and myself did.
When I came home I posted some photos of the people at the demonstration and then I see on FB, a friend had posted that she and her husband were in Whole Foods in Harlem and there was a gunmen in the store and she had to hide and didn’t know where her husband was.  Fortunately enough she said they were both safe and they had apprehended and shot the gunmen.
I know in my bones we are in the process of this enormous positive change within our country.  We are clearing out all of the evil and bringing in powerful and positive changes.  We will be a country for All people, not a country just for rich white folk.
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