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I Was Changed Forever When Trump Got Nominated… Sherri Rosen

It happened the day I found out that Agent Orange (cannot even call him by his name) was running to become President.  I witnessed such evil in this man and his entire family that I knew I could no longer accept what was being thrown at me for choices in politics.

I grew up in a family that had no strong family values. The only thing strong was the patriarchy.  The family had always been concerned about “making it”.  Not to take away from my father’s hard earned success and only receiving a high school education, he went onto to become a thriving shoe manufacturer throughout New England and also at the age of 70 opened up his own real estate practice. But looking back I knew there was more to my value system than just “making it.”
Dad was a Republican when I was young and I helped him in his office when he was working as the Republican Finance Chairman for the NH Republican Party.  I began to see differences between my dad’s and my philosophy in politics and realized that I could no longer talk politics with him because he would patronize me when I would speak to him about my political views.  He told me he was basically involved so it could open doors for him.  He said he never accepted money but wanted doors to open for him.
My value system was never important to me when I was young, but as I began to mature into a grown woman I saw that wanting to be honest, direct, respectful, have courage and be kind were not values that this country or my family for that matter really desired but they were becoming important to me. Many folks yearn for these qualities, but don’t want to do the work that it takes and it takes a lot of hard work.
My brief stint in politics was when Jessie Jackson was running for President and I ran and won the Democratic election to be a delegate at the Democratic convention.  After this experience a seat had opened up in our community in downtown Brooklyn that I lived in, for City Council, but I knew this wasn’t the kind of job in politics that was for me.
When Agent Orange came onto the scene I saw it was all about the money. I had never liked him from years ago when his book came out “The Art of The Deal”.  Plus seeing photos of his sons killing these beautiful animals in Africa and totally enjoying trophy killing, and watching his daughter use her beauty and just loving the obscene way her father treated her made me want to throwup.  Watching his present wife, Melania be very quiet at first and then as she became more comfortable with being in the public eye hearing her state “that she was the most bullied person in the world”, when her husband has locked thousands of children in cages, was obscene to me. Totally obscene.
My journey during Trump began with the Good Men Project  and online magazine for men and women, run by the powerful Lisa Hickey  They would have weekly online conference calls with people leading the conference with folks like me but from all over the world.  It was “How To Dump Trump.”  It gave me some solace at the time and I felt I was taking part in something. One of the women running the weekly conferences for TGMP was Emily LeDouceur, who is now running for City Council in Berea, Kentucky.  And with her passion, knowledge and caring I just know she will win, and the people will be very lucky to have her.
After Trump got elected I knew I needed more. I went to many demonstrations and then a powerful woman, Elizabeth Cronise McGlaughlin, began giving Facebook talks about the daily news situation called “Resistance Live-The Gaia Project”. She kept my sanity and she helped me know what was truth and a lie. She also used to be a lawyer but has for many years, been out of law, and has an organization called Gaia For Women, training and coaching many women to be leaders. She then moved her talk over to a site called Patreon.  She has many women working behind the scenes to make this daily occurrence happen, and when she moved over she asked for donors, and I became a monthly donor of $2.00 a month. I didn’t want to see this woman disappear. She was too passionate, smart and powerful. She was helping women like me stand in their power.
Through Elizabeth’s Gaia Project, she began an 8 week course online called “Resistance Live-Flip it Blue” where she would have live presentations by powerful women who had and were in the battlefield showing up for what’s right in politics.  Among them:  Nicole LeeAllison Terracio  Keisha Shields  and Lindsey Pera   Many of them are women of color who have been in the battlefields their entire life.  I was very fortunate to receive a scholarship to this program and I am grateful beyond belief.

Seeing women standing in their power like these women is a witness that there is a powerful change happening to get these patriarchal evil white men out of power.  I’ve been through a lot of changes in our country but I’ve never seen a change quite like this, where so many women, and women of color, are leading the way to turn the politics of this country from depravity to actually doing good and powerful things for the people and for our country.

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