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You Can Be An Ethical Activist In The Work You Do by Sherri Rosen

You can be an ethical activist in any work you do! I’ve done it for years! Working with authors who are making the world a better place & saying “no”when I don’t believe in a book! Sometimes when saying “no” the lack of funds hurts,  and sometimes the author becoming insulted because I won’t take on their book, but I always have to go with my value system.  I couldn’t do my work properly if I didn’t believe in the author and his and her book. The energy that i transmit when I love something in my work, is felt by the media when I pitch the book to them.

When I first began in publicity I never gave it thought who I would work with. As a matter of fact the very first book I worked on was already 12 years old called “How To Satisfy A Woman Every time: And Have Her Beg For More.”  To my surprise and hard work it went onto the NY Times Bestseller list and stayed there for 63 weeks.  Lesson learned: Understand the rules, but you can always break them! And a book is never old! True, this was a phenomenon.  Being in the business for so long, I don’t believe I’ve ever again experienced something like this before.  Quite amazing to enter my first job in book publicity and have this happen. I remember one day, after working so hard on the publicity for this book, then seeing it go onto the NY Times Bestseller List and stay there, I called my son who lives in NYC telling him “what a rush it is to have famous people and shows call me to book my author.”
What changed me into what I call an “ethical activist” is living at a Buddhist Retreat Center in Barnet, Vt. for 2 years. When I came back to NYC I was a different person on the inside.  I began to realize there was so much “garbage” in the world and now I had the opportunity to be mindful of who i would and would not work with.  I’ve been doing it for over 30 years.
One action like this can cause a powerful affect throughout the world.  You see I work with authors from not only the USA, but internationally.  One of the authors I worked with for 17 years was Camilla Chance, author of award winning “Wisdom Man.” Because of working with Camilla, I learned so much about the Aboriginal Culture in Australia and what had been done to them.  We worked together to help make a change and try to reverse some of the wrong that was done to them.  We brought the book here in the USA. It took many years to make an impact here, but because of our hard work and not giving up, it made an impact and people here in the USA began to understand the Aboriginals plight.
Another author I worked with from Canada, Tina Martel, wrote a book called “Not In The Pink”.  It was her battle with Cancer and it wasn’t pretty.  Up until her book, I intensely disliked many of the books who tried to make Cancer sexy, or interesting and she tells the gritty truth about how rough her journey was. God bless her!
Just recently I worked with a doctor in Los Angles, Dr. Roberto Tostado, “What The F*ck Is Wrong With Our Health!-a book about eating healthy foods can help you drop weight, live longer, drop medications and be happy.  What a joy working with him.  And I must say he gave me a wonderful testimonial which is up on my website. (
There have been so many wonderful authors I’ve had the honor to work with through the years. Even if your name is not mentioned directly in this piece please know how much I appreciate you, your book and the work we’ve done together. Again,
you’ve all made the world a better place, and I got to work with you.
I love what I do! I couldn’t do it this long (30 years) if I didn’t love it and feel as though I was making a contribution to the world.  It brings me joy and hopefully I can pass that joy along to you.
Sent with love,
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