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Seduction or Befriending? by Sherri Rosen

I have found in creating friendships seducing someone is very different than befriending someone. Each has their own time and place.

A thought I tell myself especially during these challenging times is: in my past I’ve been  objectified and seduced under the guise of friendship, and realize I myself have done both.

Now I’m asking: are women  objectifying men? Women have been so conditioned. What do you feel more comfortable with? Do you actually make a conscious choice to befriend or seduce?

The reason I’m writing this is in one of the many groups I’m in online I witnessed what I felt was a  woman seducing a man in the wrong time and place and  it felt so inappropriate. I felt so uncomfortable for the man.  It made me realize that in much of my past it was  impossible to have a strong love relationship because the true friendship wasn’t there.  I was groomed to believe beauty and sexiness were where it was at.   Hopefully I’ve undone a lot of that conditioning.

Without judgement, what do you feel more comfortable with: Seducing or befriending or is this something new to ponder?

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