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Sherri Rosen Interviews Intl Best Selling Author, Sagar Constantin, About “The Life”

1. Why did you write this series?


I have gone from being a hardcore business woman who worked hard and didn’t believe in anything I couldn’t see or feel to living a life in touch with my heart and tune with the universe. When the story of In-Between came to me, I could feel the importance of sharing the story and hopefully inspiring others to become more true to themself and begin to live a more present life. To me, sharing tools and insight into personal development is deeply meaningfulhope I can inspire others to become more aware and begin to prioritize what is important right now and not postpone life.


2. Have you always been a writer?


No, I started my career in television, where I worked as a director, first in the news department and later in the sports department. I worked on events like the Olympic games and the Tour De France. After seven years where I worked full-on and traveled the world, I began to have a nagging feeling that something was missing in my life. It was like a calling from a deep place inside myself that I realized that I worked hard not to hear or feel, but the calling became louder. I was very good at my job and had a great career in front of me. I had all my friends at the TV station. It was my whole life. But I began to see that I was also working hard and being successful to achieve recognition. It felt like half of me was missing. I was familiar with the part of me who was efficient and hardworking,but I couldn’t connect with my emotions or heart. Without knowing what I would do with my life, I decided to leave my job and career in television. A few months later, I was introduced to a new way of using feng shui, focusing on personal development, and I felt like the blinders were removed from my vision. I teamed up with the man who introduced me to feng shui, and together we developed Neo Feng Shui. We created a highly successful business around it, and I wrote two books on the subject; one became a Scandinavian bestseller and was published in five languages. I taught Neo Feng Shui for six years and helped both private people and businesses improve their interior design. Then the nagging feeling returned. I felt like I was wearing a coat that was getting too small like there was something else that I should do. Within two months, I decided to sell my share of the company, and once again, I didn’t know what to do or where life would take me. I am a fast mover, and my mind was ready to create a new business to keep myself busy. But I decided to wait and let the universe get a chance to direct me. So instead of allowing my busy ego to make a plan for my lifechose to trust that somehow it would be shown to me what I was going to do next. I waited and waited for what felt like ages. But it was only four monthsIt was so hard to keep my ego from making up all sorts of new projects or websites, but I managed and watched myself like a spectator without following my egos urge.  Six months after I sold my business, I went to a big meditation resort in India to lecture. On my way home, I was looking out the window at the clouds when my body suddenly started to shiver, and a freezing sensation ran down my spine. I looked around the plane and suddenly what appeared to be a big movie screen was in front of me. I could see the clouds, a plane crash, and different people—glimpses of a story. I looked around to see if anyone else sawwhat I saw, but the other passengers were either sleeping or reading. I don’t think it lasted for more than 10-15 seconds; then, it dissolved again. The shiver and cold sensation disappeared. I grabbed my laptop and started to write what I had just seen—a total of 10 lines. Then I heard myself say. This is going to be a trilogy. This is the story I will share with the world.


3. How do these stories come to you?


It is like the story takes on its own life when I write. It unfolds as I go along. I usually sit down and ask, “What is going to happen today” then the story begins to show, and I try to keep up. It is like watching a game of chess where the pieces move by themself on the board.  


4. How long does it take for you to write each book, and did the stories come to you all at once?


The Life only took four months to write. I never know what is going to happen in the books, so I am just as curious as the readers. The Ring took a bit longer, and the second time I went through it, more layers unfolded. After I wrote the Ring, a lot of different things happened in my life, and I didn’t have the time to write. I tried a few times, but the flow was gone. It was like looking into a crystal ball that had gone misty. There were things I needed to learn and live through before I could continue. It wasn’t until I changed my life around that I was ready to write The Hope. I have never lost the connection with the story. So many times, the universe has sent me messages reminding me to stay connected to the story and complete the series. I could feel the story calling out for me, but I knew that I had to wait till the time was right. Just before Christmas 2019, I could feel now was the time. So I took time off and began to write. Then came covid 19, and two months later, I had no work scheduled and time to complete The Hope. The story once again unfolded. 


5. How will you describe The Life (In-Between series)


The In-Between series is a journey of self-discovery. Through the main character Eva you will come to see the world as you have never seen it before. She is an ordinary woman facing some of the most challenging choices of her life. The series touches on questions that are important to most people; why are we here? What happens when we die or go into a coma? What is the purpose of my life? And it is all wrapped beautifully in a gripping and fascinating story.


6. What is it you want the reader to take away from your series? 


A greater sense of trust, meaningfulness, and personal growth. The In-Between series is so much more than a great entertaining story; it is also a tale of wisdom. There are many learning points in the different layers of the story. You can read it as a gripping story, but you can also learn from the deeper levels of insight. For me, the most important learning is to be present and live the life that makes us happy. But first, we must find out what makes us happy and realize that we have a choice every single moment. It is our responsibility to begin to prioritize what makes us happy and gives our life meaning. To be grateful for little things like sitting close to your child and listening to how they talk or smell. Very often, we are not present. We are busy making plans, overthinking, and worrying. We are in the past or the futureMost people’s lives are full of things to do, and we forget to stop and ask ourselves, what is important to me right nowWhat are my values, and what gives my life purpose? Who do I want to have in my life? And how can I be more grateful and positive? We compromise and postpone our dreams. 


7. Do you have a motto, quote, or philosophy you live by?


Yes, my life motto is: Easy is right. It means that I go with the flow in life. Always. Whenever I am doing something or meet a challenge, I ask myself, is this easy, or do I need to fight for it. If it is easy, a door will open, I will get help, or I will see what to do. Sometimes it can be challenging because the universe doesn’t work on the same time scale as I do. I am much faster. My patience is often challenged. But I know that I just have to wait and observe then there will be a right move. If I put my mind to something and begin to fight for it because I believe that it is the right thing, I begin to lose. Who can know what is right? No one knows what lies around the corner. I have experienced so many times where I have taken the matter into my own hands and later could see that if I had just waited, the problem would have been solved, and there was no need for my struggle. 


In 2008, I lived with my ex-partner, who owned a holiday house we needed to sell since we didn’t need it or had the money to pay for it. We put it on the market just as the financial crisis hit the world. No one wanted to buy the house. We tried to reduce the price and change the real estate agent. Nothing worked. It became a massive burden in our life both mentally and economically. After two years, a buyer finally came along. They offered a price of 30.000$ below our price that would leave us in even greater debt. And they had many demands about things they wanted us to fix. Before the buyers would sign the contract, they wanted an inspection of the house. But it was winter, and the roof was covered in snow. We were desperate to sell and decided to get up on the roof and shovel the snow. The snow was heavy, and I stopped to look around. There was so much snow, and the downpipes were also full of ice, preventing the inspection. At that moment, I felt this was not easy. I had my mind fixed on a goal and fought to get there no matter the cost. I climbed down from the roof and decided to trust that the buyers would also be ready to buy the house when the snow had melted. The fight didn’t feel right. Two weeks later, we got a call from the real estate agent that the buyers had signed the contract and that we would get it the same day. But he had also just received a call from another person who was interested in the house and would pay the amount that we asked for with no other demands. The price that would cover our loans on the house. Did we want to sell it to the new buyer instead? 
That was when I truly learned to live by my motto, and have done so ever since. Easy is right. 


8. Why is this book relevant right now?


With everything that is happening in the world right now – I believe it is important that we become more self-aware and start to focus more on love and trust than fear and separation. The books are an invitation to this.  


9. Can you read any of the books, or should the reader begin with the first book?


You need to begin with The Life; otherwise, the rest won’t be as great


10. What do you do when you’re not writing?


I am an awareness teacher. I lead courses in leadership, change management, EQ, and personal development. My customers are companies like LEGO, Novo Nordic, Fujitsu, lawyers, IT and many more. 
11. Where is your book available in the USA?


You can get the book on Amazon as an e-book or paperback, as a hardcover book in bookstores all over the country, and as an audiobook on audible, for example


12. Where can our readers discover more of your work or interact with you?


I’m always happy to meet my readers, and everyone is welcome to follow me: 
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