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Is Our Fear Making Us All Invisible? by Sherri Rosen

I cannot speak for all; I can only speak for myself. I have a bitter taste of being invisible. When I see what's happening in our country, I ask if our fear is making us all invisible, returning us to darker days? All I ask of you is to ponder these...

This “stop and frisk” in NYC has got to stop!

I was with a friend on Sunday on the upper west side.  We had met at the bus stop.  We were both waiting for a bus to Harlem, the community where I live and where I originally met him. It was a warm and sultry day in NYC.  I had just come from a...

The Importance of Hip Hop In Our Culture-review by Sherri Rosen Publicity, NYC

What prompted this blog piece was a book a friend suggested I read called "Hip Hop & Philosophy Rhyme2Reason, edited by Derrick Darby & Tommie Shelby, Foreword by Cornel West. This white girl didn't have a clue about the origin and philosophy of...

Are Publishers Racist?

Reflection on Afrian-American literature.  For writers and publishers, this is an exciting time to reflect on and celebrate African-American literature. The genre traces its origins to the slave narratives and spreads out through the Harlem...




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