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When A Friend Dies by Sherri Rosen

When a friend dies it sucks. Pure and simple. I got word last night that my friend and my book salon teacher, Paul Schulkind, has died.  What a shock!  Especially when it’s the last type of news that I would expect. I try to put a reason to his...

What Would You Do If You Were Told You Had Alzheimer’s?

What Would You Do If You Were Told You Had Alzheimer's? Island Girl by Lynda Simmons (Berkley Trade Publications, $l5.00, pub date: December, 2010, ISBN 978-425-23724-3) NEW YORK, NY (October, 2010): Author Lynda Simmons poses this question...

Six Writer/Friends Complete Book For Dying Author

Six Writer­friends Complete Book for a Dying Author/Friend When Elizabeth Aleshire was hospitalized after suffering a heart attack last summer, she fully expected to recover and complete her book, 101 Ways You Can Help: How To Offer Comfort...




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