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I Am Sick And Tired Of All Of The Hatred In The USA And All Over The World

With what has been going on in Ferguson, Mo., Israel, Gaza, our Arizona border, our government, Wall Street, our consistent racism in the laws of our country, it makes me sick!!! I am so pissed off at the hatred that is being spewed everywhere, ...

“How Quickly Joy Can Turn To Shame If We Allow It” by Sherri Rosen

Last evening I went to a wonderful concert at Riverside Church honoring Nelson Mandela. The concert was created by Composer and Producer,Joel A Martin along with South African playwright, director and, choreographer, Welcome Msomi assembling...

50th Anniversary of JFK’s Assassination-Experiencing joy and pain at the same time

On that eventful day I was ordered by my doctor to stay in bed because I was in my 3rd month of pregnancy, having some difficulty, but carrying this precious cargo that I did not want to lose. I was bored. Wanted to go to work, so I turned on...




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