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Sherri Rosen Interviews Deborah Gaal-Author of “Synchronicities on the Avenue of the Saints”

Sherri Rosen interviews Deborah Gaal about her novel, Synchronicities on the Avenue of the Saints   Sherri Rosen: What is the book Synchronicities on the Avenue of the Saints about?   Deborah Gaal: In the novel’s prologue a shaman tells a woman...

Fran Lewis’s review of “Dig Two Graves” by Hend Salah

Contact: Sherri@SherriRosen.Com Jezebel White hates people in general and is only concerned with running her business and seeking attention for her own self-centered purposes. Tossing feelings aside and never focusing on the needs of others, it...

The Enigmatologist by Benjamin Adams-comedic sci-fi/mystery. Book out now.

A detective unearths a secret that entwines conspiracies involving shape-shifting aliens, Elvis Presley, and Mary Todd Lincoln in The Enigmatologist, a comedic sci-fi/mystery novel by Benjamin Adams The Engimatologist is “exuberant and winsome...

Coming Soon!! “Shanti And The Magic Mandala” by F. T. Camargo

Shanti and the Magic Mandala by F. T. Camargo HEADLINE: Exciting new book coming out published by Lodestone Books an imprint of John Hunt Publishing. Both in soft cover and ebook. Join the frantic chase that begins in Manhattan all the...




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