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Learning From Our Ancestors by Sherri Rosen

My female ancestors are very happy for me! I have broken the pattern of many of these good women who were ignored, frustrated, angry and abused. They are now my protectors.  I’ve done a lot of inner healing through the years but I just...

Observations & wisdom on a NYC subway by Sherri Rosen

I was in a lousy mood, riding uptown from Park Place, in the Financial District in NYC to my exercise studio on the upper Westside. It was l0am Saturday morning and I was grateful it wasn’t crowded, and I didn’t have to fight for a seat. ...

“Our tragedy isn’t the brutality of evil people, but rather the silence of good folks”

How many times have we heard of horrible things happening in a person’s life, only to hear that they have been living under the oppressive burden of denial for years. Or how often have we heard of a family who has suffered from abuse, or a tragic...




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