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publicity-newPublicity From the Trenches

I wanted to write a detailed but simple book on publicity for authors. It can help anyone who is a first time author or authors who have written for many years. So many authors are unaware of the business end of selling their book and this book is devoted to helping them understand the complexities of publicity and how important it is to let people know about your book. Whether you are doing publicity yourself or hiring a freelance publicist or the publisher has a publicist working on publicity for you, the information in this book is important for you to know and understand. It will help you move through the maze of all the changes in publicity during the last few years.  After all, publicity is very expensive and you want to hire the best for you.

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Give Me Your Truth

give-me-your-truthGive Me Your Truth is a collection of musings and memoirs from the world of a New York City publicist. Sherri digs deep, and pulls her bold ideas and her passion for authenticity into a collection of writings that focus on publicity, book promotion, authenticity, and the human condition. She asks us to look at ourselves, and answer some pretty tough questions. You will enjoy this fiery red-head, her big spirit and no B.S. – New York style.

Best Book Awards Winner BannerSherri’s new eBook Give Me Your Truth has just been given honorable  mention in the New England Book Festival, 2012, as well as a landslide win for best E-Book Memoir from USA Book

The book is now available on the Kindle, at $2.99.
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30 Days To Empower Yourself To Become A Writer

coverWe are proud to announce the availability of our new E-Book, 30 Days To Empower Yourself To Become A Writer

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