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Our philosophy is cultivation of relationships, not only with authors and companies we represent, but with the people who interview our clients. We have a great deal of persistence, so that even if some prospective interviewers are not interested, we consistently call them, until perhaps one year later; they are open to who or what we are representing.

We have a personal relationship with anyone we represent. They know we want to do the best we can for them, and you will see by the quotes from people we have represented, they agree with us.

“What I love about Sherri is she has an unchained sense of freedom to dare to be who she is.  She has a warm heart. Sherri sips from the truth serum goblet straight no chaser.”
-Etu Evans, Celebrity Shoe Designer

We have an intuitive sense when we do publicity, and we respect it and work with it, and it comes through each and every time.

Through the years we have worked with clients from Italy, France, London, Greece, Australia, Vietnam, the Gay Community, The African American Community, Spanish Community and Buddhist Community, and we have come to realize that one of the many skills that our company has cultivated is Multicultural Publicity along with the publicity that we do for authors, fitness and health experts, musicians, photographers, etc here in the USA.

Some of our multi-cultural books have been:

  • Wisdom Man by Camilla Chance, writing about Aboriginal elder Banjo Clarke
  • Michael Fancello, author from Italy and France, who has written a science fiction book called Canopy
  • Denise Bryant, author of Joy In The Fire a story of her growing up as a African American woman in the South turning her negative experiences into positive, transformational changes in her life and instituting changes in the laws toward elder abuse. Denise recently wrote, “Sherri Rosen has been tenacious and diligent in securing publicity for my book. I have been on numerous radio talk shows due to her efforts. She is a joy to work with.” See the book’s page on Amazon for more information about her wonderful book.
  • Mercy Anim, author of Mrs. Doctor, coming from Ghana, being known as a doctor’s wife, and how she proved that she could have her own life and not live through her husband
  • Irish author, Joe Doherty, author of Grandly Told Tales, a wonderful murder mystery
  • Vietamese author Khanh Ha, and his book The Leper Colony, his chilling experiences during the war in Vietnam
  • Michael Mastroyannis, author of Rachel’s Promise, coming from Greece and his experiences within the film industry in the USA
  • Veena, a healer from Singapore, doing publicity for her workshops while she was traveling throughout the United States
  • Ponlop Rinpoche, author of Mind Beyond Death, and renowned Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader in the USA and throughout the world.
  • Michael McColly, The After-Death Room – Journey Into Spiritual Activism (he has HIV/AIDS and it his lifelong committment to educate about prevention and stop the spread of HIV/AIDS in the USA and throughout the world.)

These are just a few of the many multicultural projects that we have worked on, and we look forward to a continued relationship with many folks with varied cultural backgrounds. We have opened up a wide connection of contacts for all of these cultural groups and we will continue to do so. By incorporating this wide relationship we learn much from all of these cultures and can help educate many and perhaps help to reduce ignorance about one another.

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