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Fran Lewis’s Review of “30 Days To Empower Yourself To Become A Writer” Sherri Rosen

Reviewer: Fran Lewis

Speaking about writing, self-publishing and publicity is the primary focus of this informational and valuable resource for new authors, experienced authors and anyone seeking a career as a publicist. Publicist and author Sherri Rosen shares her secrets, ideas and invaluable years of experience in a must have EBook that will help you get your work noticed, “30 Days To Empower Yourself to Become A Writer.

From the beginning Ms. Rosen captures the readers attention by asking three intriguing attention grabbers that will stimulate the writer in you from the start. Nothing that complicated but straightforward stating that you should write about what you know, personal experiences, your truth and most important find your voice. Before writing my first book I made a list of many subjects that interested me and that I might want to explore. Tall order for a first time author, I decided to move in another direction. Writing down all the things I hated about my childhood and some that I loved, I created a list that might help me begin my first book of short stories. After finally writing this book the hard part was how to get it published which is where this book and the information in it would have helped me greatly to avoid some of the pitfalls that new authors face when trying to get their work out there and noticed.

The author discusses her services, criteria for working with a client, the work that goes into promoting your book and what you can expect from her throughout this process. Relating many of her success stories and discussing when and why you might engage her services or that of a publicist, helped the reader get a better handle on just how hard publicists work and why you need to choose the right one for you and your project.

One of the most important components of a good publicist campaign is developing a press kit, media kit and creating a dynamite proposal to get people to want to buy your book and attract enough attention from your target audience. As the author so aptly states right from the beginning book reviewers, like myself, and producers receive many press kits and proposals on a daily basis. You need to create one that is different, stands out and really has that WOW factor to make people stand up and take notice. That is what Ms. Rosen does and that is why you need to remember she is the consummate professional and will discuss her strategies, her goals for your book, your goals for your book and more. Dealing with cost should not be a primary issue when hiring her services. This area could negate having her represent you and should the primary focus of your discussions when deciding how to promote your book. If someone focuses on the cost and the money involved she feels that might get in the way of her completing her job in the professional and complete way.

Not discerning on what type of publisher you decide to engage you need to do your homework first. Find out all about these publishers, their services, ask other authors about their experiences using different publishers and make a list of questions, as I did to ask when speaking to a representative on the phone. Know what you want, what you expect from them and make sure you get it all in writing. Check out their websites and see what packages they offer. See what is included and what you might want that is extra. Check out if there are any complaints against them and for what.

Next, she encourages the author to create their own events to promote their books. Check out bookstores, malls, and local events during a holiday that might lend itself to your subject matter or title and ask if you might be included in that event and what it entails. Many bookstores have local author nights, which I have participated in, and they are fun. You might have to invest in buying your book and bringing them to the store to sell, but it is one way to get out there and some bookstores will even carry your book on the shelf after the author’s night. Great self-promotion.

How willing are you at taking risks? The author created a list of thought provoking questions to stimulate your creative juices and help you get started. Just how willing are you to take chances and not play it safe? How do you feel when you are out of your comfort zone and don’t play it safe? I answered all of her questions and found out a lot about myself, as I know you will too.

There are many sayings or quotes that we all use in our work, discussions and life in general. These quotes are included in the section titled “Quotations that Inspire.” These quotes will help inspire and enhance your thought processes and encourage you to answer the interesting questions related to each quote that follows.

There are many things that you cannot learn in school or in books. These are the ingredients or things that help make you a well-rounded, interesting and creative person. These simple traits can be applied to your writing, pursuing and achieving your career goals and promoting yourself and your book. Respect, kindness, passion, humility and tenacity for starters are valuable personality traits for success. Knowing when to agree and say yes, and when to say is important too. There are many other tools that the author lists and explains but in order to find out what they are you need to read the book for yourself. In order to really understand and learn the valuable lessons and understand these traits you need to buy this great EBook and read it for yourself, answer the questions and apply them to yourself and your goals for success.

The next three areas that the author relates deal with things that turn you on and ignite you and light your fire in order to decide on what career you might want to embark on and what you are passionate about. I love making lists. Ms. Rosen encourages the reader/ new author to write down what inspires them and what areas or subjects will make you take action right from the start. Write down and do three things differently in one day. See what happens. How do you feel? Would you do it again or go back to the old way of doing things? What are you passionate about? What about these things turn your motor on full throttle and what things turn it down or back to neutral?

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of this great book. I read the book four times and underlined many areas that I feel would help me if I wanted to hire a publicist and areas that I could use to improve the sales of my books too. The author compiled a list of what you need to address and do before hiring a publicist. I will highlight just some of them the rest you need to read for yourself. I would surf the net and see find out what questions I need to ask before even making a phone call. I would list those questions and add any more that I feel I wanted to address in an initial phone call. I would research their references and ask about their success. The rest you will have to read for yourself.

For anyone that wants to wing it on his or her own Ms. Rosen list what you can do to self-promote your book. One valuable tool is to create a media or press kit and another a mini EBook or real book of your book that your are selling. As she states it is like a brochure that you can hand out at events to entice readers to buy your book. Something tangible is what everyone wants and coming away with something that gives them just a small taste of what the big picture has in store for them might just be your ticket to success.

Testimonials are included from many who are also writers, and what they expect from clients and what you can expect from a publicist. The author even discusses what she looks for in clients and what would cause her to terminate a relationship. Finally, whether you are self-published or traditionally published you need to do your homework. She has created a list of vital, valuable and important questions that you need to answer before writing your book or short stories. Answering these questions and following the advice in this valuable must have EBook will help you become more knowledgeable about the role of a publicist, like Ms. Rosen and empower you as writing.

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    A great resource and tool for new authors and new publicists fran lewis

  2. fran lewis Says:

    Check out Sherri’s site and learn more about her. Fran Lewis

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    I can see that you are an practiced in this topic. I am launching a web site soon, and your subject matter will be very functional for me.. Thanks for all your help and wish you all the prosperity in your business.

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