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Bronwyn McConville’s Review of “30 Days To Empower Yourself To Become A Writer”

Feedback by Bronwyn McConville, London, England on “30 Days To Empower Yourself As A Writer” “Sherri lovely, I have read your ebook ’30 days to empower yourself as a writer’!!!! Darling I feel so blessed to know you and be in your company. I feel this book will be a comfortable rocket underneath butts!! I am quoting you here … of course! Your book is inspiring and helps people to easily reach beyond what they perceive as their limits. I really liked your questions. I found them thought provoking and feel they could become a mantra. I LOVE the ‘cross-promoted self’ aspect and believe in this. Having worked in Broadcasting – Radio and Television for a big part of my life, I know how powerful this can be for artists. I feel there is a further cross-promotion opportunity for you in the ‘What Words Do You Live By’ ebook in LeaderSHIPS. Remember when I said your questions could become a Mantra? Well therein the opportunity awaits. GREAT WORK!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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