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When You Lie To Yourself, You Lie To Everyone In Your Life

Through the years I have found out that I am not who I think I am. With lots of inner work on myself, I realized that myself and everyone I know have these personas that we have in the world.

We have a persona in our work, in our play, on Facebook and other social networking sites, and we have all of the labels that we live by and mean so much to us. We are dependent on these labels to describe who we are in the world, such as doctor, lawyer, black, white, right, wrong, but we never can get passed our labels.

So where is the opportunity here to find the truth? To see who we really are? To stop lying to ourselves and the people that are in our lives? There is a superficiality that people have come to live by in their lives, and it’s too much work for people to really explore the depth and meaning of their lives. Fortunately or unfortunately I have taken the path of exploration. I have always wanted to live a rich and deeply meaningful life, and it can be very painful at times, but so worth it to me. Not for everyone, but for me most important.

I find lying is so prevalent. It can be from the most subtle of lies like telling myself I am open when I am really not and I only allow people to know what I want them to know to telling someone I love them when I don’t. The lying can begin in our families when we are very young. I got the message if their was an elephant in the room I didn’t talk about it, I just was to make believe it wasn’t there.

I believed that message that was given to me by my family for a long time, until I began my search for the truth, and then I found I wasn’t crazy, that I did see a lot of what people don’t want to deal with, and that I have always had a strong commitment to the truth.

At times with this commitment that I have to the truth, I feel self-absorbed, self-indulgent, self-doubt, self-involved, but, how else could I clear away all of the BS and get to the truth?

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