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“Island Girl” by Lynda Simmons

For Immediate Release

Not a romance, but a love story

About family, friends and lovers, and the impossible choices that love sometimes places on us.

Island Girl by Lynda Simmons
(Berkley Trade Publications, $l5.00, pub date: December, 2010, ISBN 978-425-23724-3)

NEW YORK, NY (October, 2010): Author Lynda Simmons’ new novel, Island Girl, tells the emotionally riveting story of a 55-year-old mother, Ruby Donaldson, fighting to reunite her family as she struggles with the diagnosis of early on-set Alzheimer’s.

Facing the terrible reality of her illness, Ruby refuses to let the disease control her future. But before she can take any final action, she must find a way to convince her elder daughter Liz to grow up and come home; to take her place as head of the family thereby securing the future of their home on the Island, and ensuring that Liz’s younger sister, Grace, will be cared for in the only place that is safe for her.

But there’s a reason Ruby and Liz are estranged and Liz can’t help wondering: do you have to forgive someone a lifetime of sins just because they have Alzheimer’s? Does illness somehow grant them instant immunity, a moral get-out-of-jail-free card?

Ruby always thought she’d have a lifetime to make things right, but suddenly time is running out.

Lynda Simmons, author of Getting Rid of Rosie and now Island Girl, grew up in Toronto and now lives in Burlington, Ontario.

This will make a wonderful and informative interview.

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