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Does Your Book Publicity Need Hard Work and Magic!!!

Book publicity is hard, very hard, especially in today’s market. But little David didn’t shy away from the giant Goliath did he? The small American colonies didn’t cower beneath the largest empire in the world did they? Hard times mean hard work…but we were doing that already.

Tinker Bell. She might be small, but she’s got one thing on her side: Pixie Dust. And Pixie Dust can make you fly. At Sherri Rosen Publicity, we’ve got more than a far-reaching network in radio, television, and news. We even have more than an excellent work ethic. We have Pixie Dust. We have the magic that can make you fly.

Magic is what happens when an author and publicist come together, when they really connect. When a publicist catches your good disease, sees your vision, something truly magical happens. When you find a publicist who just gets you they’ll do more than shout from rooftops and pull strings and open doors: they’ll sprinkle your book with something money can’t buy: Pixie Dust. They’ll find the words and the market to make your book fly.

Being professional doesn’t mean we can’t be personal. We work from a heart-centered place. We want to connect with you. We want to celebrate your book, lift it up and share it with others.

No glitzy idealism. No big promises that can’t be backed up. If we believe in your book that means it resonates with us. And if it resonates with us, it will resonate with your markets. And we know where your market hides. We know who’s waiting to discover your book.

It’s not all glamour, and we know it. Every day we serve our time in the wee, the lowly, the hardscrabble hours of publicity. We break bounds and conquer borders. By the sweat of our brows, through the constellations of our connections, and with a good dusting of Pixie Dust, we want to make your book soar.

Sherri Rosen and Tyler Blanski, Sherri Rosen Publicity, NYC

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