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Hit songwriter of “867-5309/Jenny” pens memoir


Hit Songwriter of “867-5309/Jenny” Pens Memoir

“Alex drives his story straight through the heart of rock’n’roll !”

– Huey Lewis

(Charles River Press, ISBN 13: 978-1-936185-55-9)

NEW YORK, NY (June, 2011) – 867-5309/JENNY – The Song That Saved Me is the memoir of Alex Call, guitarist, songwriter and lead singer for the San Francisco 60’s band, Clover, which included band mates Huey Lewis and John McFee of the Doobie Brothers.

Clover gained a San Francisco following after recording two albums for Fantasy Records. Continuing their rise to fame, Clover toured England with Thin Lizzy and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Their music soon caught the attention of Mutt Lange, legendary producer of Foreigner, AC/DC, and Def Lepard. Clover went on to record two albums on Phonogram/Mercury with Mutt Lange and backed Elvis Costello on his famed first album, My Aim is True.

Best known for his hit song “867-5309/ Jenny,” Alex has written songs for Huey Lewis and the News and Pat Benatar. Alex wrote Jenny-Jenny at a time when riches had fallen to ruin at a low and desperate point in his rock & roll life. Call’s memoir is inspiring, impassioned, sometimes humorous, sometimes bittersweet, and always entertaining.

Unlike some rock memoirs that employ ghostwriters, Alex penned not only his memoir, but also six fictional novels. One of these, Second Childhood, the story of a middle-aged married man and his sudden compulsion to get the rock band of his youth back together, has been contracted by Charles River Press and is slated for a Spring 2012 release. 867-5309/Jenny – The Song That Saved Me will be released on August 1, 2011.

A nation wide tourof “Book Concerts” begins in St. Louis, MO in August 2011 and continues on through Chicago, New York, Boston, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Houston, Nashville, Pensacola, Providence, and other locales. Alex will arrive at a bookstore with his acoustic guitar and a “band-in-a-box” and will sing his hit songs and sign books and posters. At larger venues such as music halls and auditoriums, Alex will perform with a full band on stage followed by a narrated slide show before signing books, T-shirts, posters, and CD’s.


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