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Sherri Rosen interviews Author, Sandra Shaw Homer, about her new book “Evelio’s Garden”

A beautiful and inspiring book… A naturalist who moved from the USA to Costa Rica, sharing her experiences about her connection with the environment and her friendship with a gardener that helps them both deal with profound personal changes in...

Interview by Jeff Rivera with Alex Call of “867-5309 Jenny: The song that saved me”

Interview : Alex Call, hit songwriter and author of 867-5309/Jenny: the song that saved me. Q: Your new book is called 867-5309/jenny: the song that saved me. How did you come up with that song and how did it save you? Alex Call: I wrote...

Hit songwriter of “867-5309/Jenny” pens memoir

  Hit Songwriter of “867-5309/Jenny” Pens Memoir “Alex drives his story straight through the heart of rock’n’roll !” – Huey Lewis (Charles River Press, ISBN 13: 978-1-936185-55-9) NEW YORK, NY (June, 2011)...

I can f*ck who I want by guest writer Blaize-from her memoir

I just had this ah ha moment! I am free! For the first time in my life I am debt free, but it's bigger than that. I truly am traveling my own road.  Going my own way.  If anyone wants to join along the way, that's great, and if they don't I still...

Autobiographical Memoir Writing Allows Me To Find The Truth

I have found by doing autobiographical memoir writing it has allowed me to be as honest as I can and go deeper into the meaning of my life. The honest writing doesn't happen overnight. It happens over rewriting and rewriting and writing over a...




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