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Wisdom Man-Aboriginal elder, Banjo Clarke-shares a legacy of compassion

People who truly change the world are often those with huge compassion, like the Australian Aboriginal elder, Banjo Clarke.  His message from the ancients embodies survival wisdom for today.  Camilla Chance spent 27 years chronicling his life and teachings in the book “Wisdom Man”, which became a Penguin bestseller in Australia.

Australian Aboriginal people see acquisitiveness as insanity.  They share everything. No Aboriginal person would eat in front of another or even an animal without sharing his or her food.  If a person has a car, it is the duty to drive everyone else around.  Human beings are top priority and material gain is undesirable.

Aboriginal people’s sense of unity is so strong that they know over a long distance the instant a tragedy has befallen a friend.   Aboriginal people are sure that those who have passed on are all around them, guiding them and warning them of danger.  They live happily in the Eternal Present.

By Aboriginal Elder Banjo Clarke’s death in the year 2000, he had 67 great grandchildren.  Never having attended school, he’d lived a varied life – woodcutting, boxing and building roads for the army in World War II.  Camilla Chance had been educated at a top Australian university and a finishing school in Italy.  But, from childhood, her inability to bear injustice to others caused Camilla many painful and comical situations.  Still, when when they met,  Banjo and Camilla recognized in each other strong universal love.

If you imagine President Obama consulting with a janitor, such was the case when Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser sought advice from Banjo Clarke.  In fact, reporters would often telephone Banjo asking his opinion of the latest news.  His picture frequently graced the front page of newspapers and there is a video available to show his life and views.

Can any one of us learn from these incredible people.

Camilla Chance as told to Sherri Rosen, Sherri Rosen Publicity, NYC

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