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Fight like hell for your passion

So many of us feel like we don’t really fit in. Maybe we’ve dreaded trying to find a seat in the High School Cafeteria. Maybe our parents never understood us. Maybe we didn’t have parents, and maybe we are a different race, culture, mindset. And maybe we just haven’t felt like we can be 100% ourselves when we’re with most people.

We’re not attached to labels. We think outside the box, not because we want to make a statement or be original, but because we cannot help ourselves. Frankly, we are outside the box. And so we’ve taken the road less traveled (quite literally!). We haven’t taken the traditional route. The way we think and live is too quirky-beautiful for that. We have big dreams, and we love having fun. We’ve learned to fight for what we love, to put that extra hour into our projects—and to not take ourselves so seriously!

Some of us are visionaries; others, spiritually-minded and contemplative. Many of us are authors, actors and actresses, filmmakers, musicians, or publishers. A lot of us have day or night jobs just to make ends meet. We wait tables, tend bars, mop floors, scrub dishes—and all just to keep alive that deep, dark and beautiful fire of our imaginations! And some of us have the good fortunate, because of our belief in hard work and magic and luck to be that successful writer, filmmaker, actress, musician, publisher, or small business owner.

Sometimes we flock to places like California, Australia, Canada, Europe or New York City to find likeminded companions. These parts of our country and the world seem to resonate with our work here at Sherri Rossen Publicity. But often, it’s from our armchairs in Iowa, or cornfields in Illinois, or our Northwoods cabin that a lot of us tap into our deep selves and find the creative joy and passion of an artist.

Sherri Rossen Publicity supports an ever-present and vibrant community of creative people. And today we just want to celebrate your vision, your vim, your vigor. Dig down deep and live from your heart. We want to encourage every one of you to shine, to be yourselves, and to speak boldly—wherever you are. Fight like hell for your passion.

Sherri Rosen & Tyler Blanski, Sherri Rosen Publicity, NYC

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