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Always keep the door ajar

Throughout the lifespan of my publicity profession so many people have said “no” to me. But you know what? It has not stopped me from trying new approaches, being flexible, and to continually open the doors that had been closed. Often this audacity can do so much more than make a book or a client successful. It can remind me and my clients that life is truly amazing.

I don’t give up on clients. This philosophy is in my personal and professional life. I don’t give up on people, places and good ideas. I’m always curious to keep on moving forward, to keep on reaching, to better understand others’ perspectives. I want to innovate ways to make a book click or change the view of how my client is seen with its intended audience. In many cases I have, and in a few cases I have not.

For example, here’s a story about one of my clients, Camilla Chance, who recently changed her name to Warrumyea (and please forgive me she told me what the name means, and I have completely forgotten.) She is the author of Wisdom Man. Camilla and I have been working on behalf of Banjo Clarke’s message and the Aboriginal people for over l0 years now. We never give up. We always press into the frontier of new approaches and publicity strategies—even if it’s to the same people. We are flexible, and our commitment makes us perseverant and tenaciousness in our cause.

I am truly committed to Banjo’s legacy and philosophy. And to my client, Warrumyea, who lives in Australia. Meeting Warrumyea many years ago has changed my life—even though we have never met. Can you imagine, we have never met? And yet our bond of friendship is so strong. And because we haven’t given up, reviewers who were originally not excited about “Wisdom Man” are now passionate and spreading the word about this good book.

Life is truly amazing. Even though their have been difficulties with getting Banjo Clark’s message out there. We share the same confidence in what we are fighting for. Along with our strong and powerful belief in Banjo, the tenaciousness that we both have for his vision has moved us ahead to work harder everyday.

I guess that’s what I’ve been mulling over this week. Don’t ever assume a closed door is permanently closed. Don’t ever give up. There’s just too much beauty and passion out there to give up. And I do believe in hard work and magic.

Sherri Rosen & Tyler Blanski, Sherri Rosen Publicity, NYC

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