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The value of a savvy publicist

The Value of A Savvy Publicist

So you just landed the contract of your dreams, and your book is set
to be published in six months. It was difficult to write, and it was even
more difficult to find a publisher or an agent, and you can’t help but breathe a
sigh of relief. Maybe even shout a Hallelujah! But after the initial
excitement ebbs, you discover that the hardest part is yet to come.

What if your book is printed and sent out into the world, but no one
knows about it? How could anyone be expected to know about the book if
a buzz is not created? Does your publishing house have an in-house
publicist that they use, or a marketing team, or is it up to your
lonesome to get the word out? Can you do the publicity yourself, or is
it simply too much for you to take on?

This is when the value of an excellent publicist is incalculable.
Sometimes both the publisher and the author recognize that publicity
is not their forte, they begin to build relationships with a
professional publicist.

A good publicist is savvy. She builds long-standing relationships with
businesses and people in media. She’s been around long enough to know
Who’s Who, what’s hip and happening, and what’s not working. She’s
been in the business for years, and gets results. Period.

Some publicists only work for “stars,” and if you’re a first-time
author it may be difficult to get their attention. But other
publicists work with talent, regardless of fame. They are excited to
work with talent, not prestige. Prestige is, after all, their job. A
good publicist will bring the lights and action to you.

And so when you and your publisher are brainstorming ways to have
your book become a success, it is important to ask: What is the value
of good publicity and a good publicist mean to you? Is it worth it not
to have a publicist?

Not having a publicist is like trying to go on a road trip without a
car. An established and professional publicist can launch your career
in new directions, throw you into the mainstream markets, give fresh
expression to your platform. And unless you are a publicist as well as
an author, chances are a publicist just might be the difference
between failure and success.
Sherri Rosen & Tyler Blanski, Sherri Rosen Publicity, New York City

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