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When it snows in Harlem: What to do with the unexpected

If you meet love unexpectedly, what do you do? Do you turn your back on it and say this wasn’t supposed to happen now? Do you run towards it with open arms? Or do you run towards it and then run away?

Who would have known? Who could have expected it? Last week it snowed in Harlem, which is an anomaly for October. New Yorkers were caught off guard, their winter coats still packed in closets, their landlords’ shovels and snow blowers still stowed away.

What do we do with the unexpected? How should we work with unexpected inclement weather? How do we respond to the good and bad surprises that come our way, as if out of the blue? When we get sick, do we throw up our hands and ask “Why me?” Or do we bear it and make the best of it, see it as an opportunity to finally finish that thick novel? If we get turned down for that job that we were counting on, do we throw ourselves a pity party and give up, or do you find innovative ways to standout from the crowd the next go round? If we bump into an old love or that scary ex in the street, do we just ignore them and walk on by?

As writers, musicians, producers and creative thinkers, what do we do when our computer crashes in the middle of a major writing project–your best effort yet at the Great American Novel or your new book of poetry-do we give up? Or do we get back up and start again, from scratch?

When it snows in Harlem out of season, the best thing to do is to play Christmas music out of season. Find your favorite slippers, don your favorite sweater, and embrace it. When you meet new and unexpected love, run towards it with open arms. Don’t run away. When you lose your life’s work, get laid off, get dumped, or just wake up to the horrible realization that you have been acting like a jerk, the best thing to do is to see it as a threshold to a new and better life. Opportunity waits around every corner. But only we can make the best of any situation.
Sherri Rosen & Tyler Blanski, Sherri Rosen Publicity, New York City

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