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Make social media work for you

Facebook, that social network that connects people with friends and
others around them in a quick and accessible way, can do more work for
your publicity goals than you might think. So can Twitter. Think of
them as platforms, or public parks, where people can gather to follow
your work, get involved, or just stay connected.

There are many benefits to having both a Facebook and a Twitter
account. The biggest difference between Twitter and Facebook is
customization. On Facebook, users can create profiles with photos,
contact information, lists of personal interests, and other personal
information, in such a way that helps them to communicate with friends
and other users through private or public messages. There’s even a
chat feature. As an artist or writer, you may want to go beyond
creating this basic profile page and create a “Page” where fans can
join and “like” your work. And just in case your concerned about
privacy, Facebook has set it up so that you can choose your own
privacy settings and choose who can see specific parts of their
profile. Depending on privacy settings, your friends, fans and
potential markets can see your profile, or view your Wall, or scan
your pictures, or just shoot you a message asking for more

Twitter is also an online social networking site, but it’s service
enable users to only send or read mini-blogs that can be no more than
140 characters long. These short, text-based quotes are known as
“tweets.” Tweets are automatically publicly visible, but if you want,
you can restrict message delivery to just your followers. The great
strength of Twitter is its simplicity. Here you can throw “shout outs”
and updates into public sphere for free and in almost no time at all.
Sometimes, author’s tweets go viral and spread news just as fast as a
great radio interview or professional book review.

Linked In is great for business and having people you have worked with write recommendations. Set yourself up a profile page and begin connecting with people. Send a personal note to connect
with folks. Let them know you are human.

Social media cannot replace real human contact and genuine
relationships in space and time. But they can be a great way to get
the word out, and fast. And there is very little personal commitment
involved. You have 100% control over how much time and energy you
invest in this form of publicity. The key is to explore and discover
how can you optimize the best use for you personally.
Sherri Rosen & Tyler Blanski, Sherri Rosen Publicity, New York City

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