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Be Bold, Brilliant and Bodacious!!!

When I lived at a Buddhist Retreat Center for two years (from 1995 to 1997), I was chosen to play the Garuda Bird for a special performance. It was not only a great honor, but an inspiration to play the Garuda Bird. In Hindu and Buddhist mythology, this large mythical bird with eagle-like features symbolizes outrageousness, boldness, living audaciously. And, isn’t that exactly what we could use more of in life?

Sometimes we need to break out of the boxes we’ve been living in. Too often we play it safe, hedge our bets, look for the easiest road. And, when we are afraid to take risks or to pursue our dreams, we settle for what is familiar and safe. But the odds are that when we are only okay, all right, in one piece, out of danger, home free, we are not living from our hearts. Sure, we might be unhurt, uninjured, and unscathed, but we are not really living either.

Don’t allow anyone to stop you from making your dream come true—not even yourself. Be bold. Be brilliant. Be bodacious. Break borders. Breach boundaries. 

Another name for the Garuda Bird is Suprana, which means “well-winged, having good wings.” Take a moment to reflect on your life. Are you living free? Are you happy with the choices you are making? Are you breaking out of cages and taking to the air? Are you flying?

According to some legends, the Garuda Bird’s wings span stretches for miles and miles. So too may your dreams. The Garuda bird has the head and wings of an eagle and sometimes the body of a human, and is often called the King of Birds. And it’s because it is wild and honest, brave and free. Don’t worry if you might look ridiculous or different. Let others fret over popular opinion or common consensus. You need to be you, nothing less.

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