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Taking Care of Business Baby

Taking Care of Business Baby 

Be the best you can be. Period. Whether you are an author, athlete, professor, teacher, doctor, lawyer, small business owner, or musician let your passion drive you to excel. Never settle. When all is said and done, you are your own business. Only you can make it rock.

Athletes are hungry to excel. They strive for their team’s victory, even if they don’t like some of their teammates. Their object is to get out there and be the best they can be, to work as a team, and to win. Similarly, a professor wants the best for his students. He doesn’t just want to stand up in front of the class behind his podium and bore the students. He finds ways to encourage interaction between them and the subject material. He puts his heart and soul in the material, the presentation. And all so that the students might be challenged to grow and to learn.

Passion and commitment go a long way. Doctors not only have skill and very technical training, but they have compassionate hearts and listening ears. They care about their patients. Who would want to go to a doctor if they could  care less about you? No one wants to be a dollar sign. And having passion makes all the difference. 

Integrity can make or break you project or career. Whether you are a musician, an actor, or chef, integrity can build a positive reputation and form a firm foundation for your work. This is why lawyers need to have integrity. They need to be present and active to win the case on behalf of their clients, but not to win dirty. They’re fighters. They know what they’re talking about.

Many authors who have been recently signed to a publisher approach Sherri Rosen Publicity. We always ask: “What is your publisher doing for publicity?” Almost always, the response is: “I don’t know.” We encourage authors by reminding them that the book they’ve written is like their own business. And any business needs marketing, publicity, a way to get noticed by the media, a way to get the word out. This is why it is so important to find out from the publisher what their plan for publicity is, and especially where they plan on investing in a freelance publicist.

And that’s what Sherri Rosen Publicity believes in: pouring our passion and vision into publicity with integrity. We pour our hearts into creating for a client’s public exposure, notoriety. We find the limelight, and applaud our clients onto the stage. And most of all, we encourage our clients to be passionate about what they do. We urge them to work with dignity and integrity. We work to join them as they pour their whole heart into their work.

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