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A lie is a lie

A Lie is a Lie

Have you ever had someone say they will do something or be somewhere, and then they did not come through? Have you ever had someone say they would call you at a certain time, and then the call never came? People often lie; and most of the time, they don’t even know it. Sometimes they lie about what seems to be the strangest things: their age, their income, their relationship status, their happiness. All of these little lies add up, and before you know it, most of what we say is simply not honest.

Most lies are not glaring lies—like when a child’s face is covered in chocolate and No, he didn’t sneak a little cake. Most lies are subtle colorings of the truth, distortions of reality. The truth is easily lost in shades of truth, muted overtones and blurred distinctions. We might exaggerate our real accomplishments. We might downplay our failures. Or we might not be 100% honest about how we feel for someone. Although we might think these “white lies” make us look better, or even “save face,” in the long run they only do us (and others) harm.

If I were to commit to a project timeline, yet repetitively do not follow through, is it likely the client will stay with my company? If I promise that I will do something for a family member or friends, yet I never seem to come through, will they likely trust me? Whether in our business life or our personal life, a lie is a lie. Whether gross or small, it doesn’t make any difference: if it’s not 100% true it is simply not the truth. What if every day we have been living tiny lies, and we don’t even know it?

And so before you go to bed, don’t only think about all the genuine and heartfelt words you said and deeds you did for others. Remember any subtle nuances or shifty words you crafted, any “white lies” you might have thrown out there. It’s never too late to set the record straight. It’s never too late to shine light into darkness or to be honest. As the old adage goes, “the truth shall set you free.”

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One Response to “A lie is a lie”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Sherri…this was very powerful. We could all make excuses for why we don’t come through sometimes or feel the need to bend the truth. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve unintentionally done this from time to time (maybe even intentionally too). Thanks for making us take a harder look at our actions!

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