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Judgment calls with perspective clients by Sherri Rosen

  Sometimes there are low points in business relationships. Things do not go the way we hope them to, the public isn’t pouncing on the new project, or the economy just stinks. This is normal, and most of us work through these difficult...

A lie is a lie

A Lie is a Lie Have you ever had someone say they will do something or be somewhere, and then they did not come through? Have you ever had someone say they would call you at a certain time, and then the call never came? People often...

Do what you love-It’s not just about the money

Going to bed anxious and dissatisfied? Waking up depressed? Feeling absolutely blank in the afternoon? Maybe it’s time to dive into work that means something more to you than just a paycheck. Too often we are afraid to take one of the biggest...

Book Review-“The Mesh”-Why The Future Of Business Is Sharing

This amazing book written by Lisa Gansky. There is so much distrust of old-model companies that people are more open to finding new ways to alternative business models, brands, and lifestyles. People are more willing to give a second look to a...




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