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We Did it!!! We got Oprah to speak to my client, Camilla Chance @ Radio City

We did it!!! We are in an audience of 6,000 people at Radio City Music Hall and we got Oprah’s attention to speak to Camilla Chance, author of “Wisdom Man”. Camilla and I kept yelling out “there’s someone
here from Australia that has flown 36 hours to see you. Then the entire section where we were sitting began yelling it out to Oprah. She stopped and said “you have got to go bring the microphone to that person who has flown 36 hours to see me”. Camilla spoke to her and told her what her aah ha moment was and then Oprah’s people took a photo of the 2 of us and will have it up on the Own Website. Also Camilla will be in the program when it is aired on April 23, 2012. How do you like that?

Camilla and I have been working together for 9 years on behalf of the Aboriginal people through a book called “Wisdom Man” and it has always been in our vision that we would one day meetup with Oprah.

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  1. Lynn Says:

    Hi I was in the audience of this show and was wondering if anything further has happened since the show in connection with Oprah? Contact met

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