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Author Gets Lifelong Dream–Meets Oprah at Radio City But Blows It

The event was such a painful moment that for years, she wouldn’t talk about it. But in the end, even this terrible setback proved to be a tremendous learning experience. Author Camilla Chance is someone who knows what it's like to be the...

We Did it!!! We got Oprah to speak to my client, Camilla Chance @ Radio City

We did it!!! We are in an audience of 6,000 people at Radio City Music Hall and we got Oprah's attention to speak to Camilla Chance, author of "Wisdom Man". Camilla and I kept yelling out "there's someone here from Australia that has flown 36...

The Peace Of A Baptist And A Baha’i

You can’t sound like a skipping record when you remember injustice. It can’t be talked about enough. Exploitation is not something that should be swept under the rug. As Black History month comes to a close, who can help but to reflect not only...

The London Book Festival 2010

It was an honor for me to accept an award for author Camilla Chance, and her amazing book "Wisdom Man". It is a book well worth reading Www.WisdomManBook.Com) Here are some of the other winners and suggestions on good books to read: LONDON...




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