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When a town fought against hatred

Important Book!

Even though this book came out during Christmas time, it’s most important to read. It talks about how a town fought against hatred, and how when good people don’t say anything when they see something horrible, is just as bad as committing the crime. But, if people band together and courageously say no more hate,
change can occur.

I know myself and many others have been the victim of racism, anti-semitism, bullying, sexual predators, and if no one speaks up and says “no” it will continue. So have that courage to speak up and speak out.

It’s happened so often in our country with racism, anti-semitism, bullying, and in Germany when Hitler wanted to destroy all of the Jews, not only in Germany, but everywhere. The feelings of hatred in this country cannot be allowed to spread. There is too much love around and that’s what we need now, not hatred.

Please pass this along to someone you know.
In peace and love,

Sherri Rosen

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