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Me & Spoken Word Poetry-Why?

Didn’t know I would ever get involved with spoken word poetry. A whole new area for me. Was curious on why it came through me now.

In case you haven’t noticed I love to write and I realized that spoken word poetry was another way to allow me to have a voice.

It’s also a way of me working things out that I don’t quite understand, and once I write it out in poetry and speak it, I understand where I’m at.

Adding the music to the spoken word poetry, and eventually singing the spoken word poetry, is yet another way of expressing my creativity.

And, hopefully, along the way, some of you guys out there, can connect with what I am writing about, either in my stories or in my poetry

Here’s a poem I just created that I want to share with you in honor of Mother’s Day:

Being a mother is a challenging role
Lots of things that I didn’t know
I raised my sons with a fierce kind of love
With many successes and lots of failures
They know I’m not perfect and either are they
But we won’t stop lovin’ until our dying day

If any of you want to share some of your poetry with my readers please don’t hesitate to send it and I will put it up on our blog to share. It would be great to have some poets out there write about being a dad, a son, a daughter. Try it. You will be surprised at what you find out. Please share with us when you do.

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