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Me & Spoken Word Poetry-Why?

Didn't know I would ever get involved with spoken word poetry. A whole new area for me. Was curious on why it came through me now. In case you haven't noticed I love to write and I realized that spoken word poetry was another way to allow me to...

Why I wrote this inspirational rap song “Give me your truth”

I have always wanted to have a publicity business built on a strong foundation of honesty—honesty with my clients, honesty with the media, honesty with the works we celebrate. This is the same desire I have in my personal relationships. If I...

Exchanging Rap for Poetry

I met  Rohan Codling who came to work the graveyard shift as a doorman in my building. Sometimes after his shift was over he would stay and hangout and talk to the folks that came by in the building and that's how we became friends. He's  a...

The Importance of Hip Hop In Our Culture-review by Sherri Rosen Publicity, NYC

What prompted this blog piece was a book a friend suggested I read called "Hip Hop & Philosophy Rhyme2Reason, edited by Derrick Darby & Tommie Shelby, Foreword by Cornel West. This white girl didn't have a clue about the origin and philosophy of...




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