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Love makes the world go round? Say what?

Let Go and Let Love Spin! 

Remember the old tune, Love Makes the World Go Round? It sounds like a cliché, a quick quip. Announcing that “love makes the world go round” over the dinner table on a Friday night will solicit little more than rolling eyes and gags. It’s a corny song, but sometimes I love corny because it makes me feel child-like in the best way: full of wonder, optimism, and eager to see things made right.

But how do we know what “love” is, exactly? Why does love make the world go round? Is love simply a feeling, or is it something that has to be lived? What does it feel like to love someone so deeply that you would do just about anything for them? Sometimes, when we fall in love it is as if we have fallen into the arms of God. The world is warmer, clearer, brighter. We have a more acute sense of the good in those around us. We want to bless. We discover ways to encourage. People become…well, people. When we love, we are curious to learn. We love stories. We love experiencing others—not for what we can get out of it, but for the sheer love of the person. 

But what happens when old wounds or bad habits get in the way of genuine love? What happens when you cannot seem to love with the kind of love you so badly wish you had? Are you a hopeless cause? No! This is when you need to let go. Loosen your grip on the reigns and step out into the world. Be willing to risk losing yourself in the stories of others: it will only broaden yours. A good, simple, exciting and passionate love is a love without unrealistic expectations. Throw yourself into the game: only then will you be able to really play.

Each one of us probably has many reasons to be bitter. Life is long and so often very hard. But (and this is admittedly a big “but”) if we do not let go of the bitterness, no love can come into our lives. Love is balm that heals the wounds. Love is the flowering. 

Think about it. What would happen if you just let go? What if you went with your heart and just let love lead the way? What if you stopped saying to yourself, out of pity or a low self-esteem, “No, no, no, I don’t deserve this, it’s too good”? What if you said, “Yes! I love this person!” I have a hunch we would be free to let love really make the world go round.

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