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Contemplations on love

I enjoy writing about love as you probably  can tell by my past blogs.  Love fascinates me, because without it in my life I would be dead.

I used to think that love could only be in my life when it came from another person, but I was young when I felt that and through the years, the most important love that one can have in one’s life is love for one’s self, not from the ego but from the heart.  How could I possibly have felt any wonderful lover could come into my life without that wonderful love of self.  But that is what life is all about learning, loving and realizing what is good and what isn’t.

I have experienced in some of my past relationships that when the love is fresh and new there is an open heartedness within the relationship.  So open that there is such a safety and knowing that the right person has come along.  Very exciting.  But also what can happen is that the openness can disappear between 2 lovers and the heart shuts down.  And either love may begin to use the other for their basic needs rather than appreciating one another and what they have.  And, if there is no communication or awareness on what is happening the entire love thing falls apart.

When two lovers keep their hearts open, at least most of the time, it is a completely different kind of relationship.  There is mutual respect, kindness, passion, safety, integrity, and a high regard to have each other’s back.  

I have experienced deep love and deep love being returned by other.  It’s a most wonderful experience and I have learned not to settle for anything less.  

I hope you have that deep love in your life.  

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