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Using Kickstarter to fund your next project


Seth Godin is a highly regarded marketing expert. He speaks about using Kickstarter to get the word out—not only to your fanbase, but even to those who have yet to discover you. Kickstarter, it turns out, can be an incredibly helpful way to fund the writing and publishing of your book, as well as offer all sorts of deals to get your project started.

Kickstarter describes itself as “a funding platform for creative projects.” From food projects, indie films, music, comics and journalism to even video games, Kickstarter has been helping artists create through “crowd fundraising.” Crowd fundraising is the collective effort of people who network and pool their money together, most often online, to support artistic efforts of other creative thinkers and designers. Money pledged by donors is collected using Amazon Payments. Kickstarter takes 5% of the funds raised, and Amazon charges an additional 3–5%, leaving the artist with roughly 90% of the amassed resources for their project.

Well, Seth Godin is using Kickstarter for writing and publishing his next book. “As part of my 25-year quest to find a better way to make and promote books,” he writes, “I’m launching a hybrid experiment today. The idea is to do it in public, and to use widely available tools that can be emulated by other authors and other publishers.” And Seth Godin is using Kickstarter to implement his project. Rather than taking all the risk before you find out if there is a receptive audience, you can have the audience fund the project from the beginning, “through the tribe and beyond.”

What a wonderful and simple idea. Kickstarter has been restructuring the way artists can create, and the testimony stories are only encouraging. If you’re looking for creative, fresh, and innovative ways to make great art—whether it’s a book, a movie, or that list of recipes you’d love to publish, or a new restaurant—we can only encourage you here at Sherri Rosen Publicity International. Follow your dreams. And if Kickstarter can help, by all means check out this great tool.

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