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Living life to its fullest and with intensity

I’ve always wanted to live life to its fullest with the greatest of intensity.  I just didn’t realize I was doing it until just recently.

I had belonged to this specific, unreligious spiritual community, Diamond Heart, which has made that dream come true.  Again it’s been with hard work and magic.  But I am just now realizing that living life to its fullest with  intensity, I now need to learn how to do it with balance.  All the changes and transformations that have occurred within me over the many years have not happened over night.  It’s been a long and gradual process.

So now here I sit with the knowledge that i have made another dream come true. The next step is how to manifest this in a healthy way and not burn myself out.  There needs to be a pacing in one’s life of what I can and cannot do, and acceptance of my limitations and patience, a great deal of patience, knowing that some things just don’t happen overnight.

To truly understand how to surround myself with good people who will support and be there for me.  If it’s a one-way deal, that’s not living life to its fullest, and that leads to total burnout.  And NOT surrounding myself with selfish, self-centered, self-involved people, because nothing good will come of it.

I just had an experience in my business where I had been working with a freelancer who was working with a client who I love very much on her new manuscript.  They had been working together for a long, long time.  Where I don’t work directly with the freelancer in this case, I look to my clients to let me know if they are happy or unhappy with my freelancer’s work.   I always want to give my clients the best we can give them
So, the way I found out about this freelancer’s work and treatment of my client was by hiring her for a new client.  This particular new client told me immediately straight out that she wasn’t doing her job.  I was so appreciative of his honesty even though I was so upset at finding out the truth, that I immediately fired the freelancer and hired a wonderful young woman, who treats my clients with respect and gives them the best  they deserve.  I truly felt used by this freelancer and by her not being straight with me if she was unhappy, she acted it out and took it out on my clients and me.

So it’s great to take life by the b*lls, but one has to learn to do it in a way that is healthy and loving and in a way that will be a long and fulfilling life.  I wish that for all of you.
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