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How many of us can hang in there after saying “I love you”

It takes a lot of guts and courage to hang in there once you realize you love someone. I feel my relationships have made me realize that. It’s also interesting to see and experience once I and my partner have intimately connected, shared our vulnerabilities, whether the relationship will get stronger or collapse.

It’s one thing to experience the magic of falling in love, but a completely different experience to accept it, receive the love and know the other person is capable of receiving it and giving it also.

It can be  scary sh*t.

This last relationship i was in I felt deeply loved and loved deeply in return, but I began to see i was being pushed away by my partner and soon realized that our time together would end up becoming a gorgeous memory.  It was devastating to me, but taught me about my choices of people who could actually be there for me, and could hang in there to support one another and actually want to be together on an ongoing basis.

So take a moment in your life and contemplate your choices in relationships. Is there a good or bad pattern here? Are you giving and receiving and getting what you want? If not, have the courage to do something about it, and believe me that takes a great deal of courage, especially when you totally love the person who has pushed you away, and you now have to make the decision to walk away and choose more carefully the next time.  And not give up!

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