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Today is my birthday!!! This Gift-by Sherri Rosen

And I am going to celebrate!! Not just today but for days and days.

It’s been a challenging time for me in many ways, but I’m still here enjoying life to the fullest.  And I always
love to have a reason to celebrate.

As it is my birthday I came across a most appropriate song called “This Gift” written by Glenn Hansard who wrote the songs in the incredible film “Once”.
I want to share this beautiful and celebratory song with you. Here’s the link:
To me it’s a song about living life and being fully alive, no matter what!!!

Many of my friends are going through some trying times either financially or their health has gotten bad or losses they have suffered, but the one
constant is love.  Even though I know perhaps I won’t see them, be able to do anything for them in particular, but send them my love. Lots of love.

I had brunch with my son, Stephen. Last week was his birthday.  We celebrated at the Boathouse Cafe on the water at W 79th Street, NYC. We had
the best time.  Steve and I shared about our hurts in our lives and how he deals with them and how I deal with them. Very different ways of dealing, but
neither right or wrong, just different.  In any event, I looked at him and said “Steve, there will be so many more hurts in your life.  So many people will
hurt you, betray you, but the one constant is love.  That doesn’t go away unless you push it away.” That was my gift to him.

I can’t believe my life!!! I really can’t.  Things have so turned around for me in a most spectacular way!!  Beyond my wildest dreams. So much so
that I am most fortunate to be able to celebrate in September in Australia.  One of my clients, who I have been working with for over 8 years, and
I am going to visit her.  How amazing is that!!! And she is the most amazing human being.  Most amazing.

This is a time in my life that I just know more and more good things will happen even with all of the challenges I am still facing.  And I am so
grateful to have “This Gift” called my life.!!!

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