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New eBook by Sherri Rosen, “Give Me Your Truth”



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 “Give Me Your Truth”


HEADLINE: January 2012, New York, New York

“Give Me Your Truth: Inspiration, Memoirs and Musings From The World of a New York City Publicist”

Making Its Debut In NYC!

Publicist and writer, Sherri Rosen, has created a beautiful e-book along with photos and a short video of her experiences in living, loving, and learning.

 Barbara Chepaitis, author of “The Fear Principle” says about Sherri.

Sherri Rosen’s energy and talent for her job are immense.  She’s a dynamo at what she does, and this book captures the essence of what a really great publicist can accomplish.

Camilla Chance, author of “Wisdom Man” says 

Inspirational books are flooding the market, and yet their popularity is increasing.  People are lapping them up, because the world is at transition stage and we can all sense it.  Sherri’s inspirational book is a practical one for writers, and that makes a difference.  She speaks our language.  She has a chapter called “A Lie is a Lie” – how very apt.  In all walks of life these days, I believe people are finding it harder and harder to lie.  In previous recent centuries, lack of hypocrisy shocked; but I feel we are coming into a time where hypocrisy shocks.  Not that there isn’t plenty of hypocrisy around us – but, among many voices, Sherri’s is a powerful one for clearing it away.  

Sherri Rosen has never believed that there was a difference in her personal and business life. The way she treats people in each area of her life is the same, both with dignity and respect. And if she messes up she owns it! Her creativity is expansive and she wants to do the best on behalf of her clients, and she does!!!

Checkout the video that Sherri has put into the e-book called “Give Me Your Truth”.

The entire process for this present e-book began from the video. Once she completed it, she realized that she could compile it with all of the weekly blogs she had written for different sites throughout the year. Sherri writes her own blog, Redhead’s Rap, as well as for Elephant Journal, Examiner.Com, and The Good Men Project. 

The book is filled with wisdom of Sherri’s experiences that she has learned through the years. She loves her work, works with very special people who are doing amazing things in the world, and she is an international force to be reckoned with.

The e-book is scheduled to be part of Apple’s iBooks shortly, and the book is also being entered for prestigious book awards.

Check out the book. It’s amazing and so is its creator, Sherri Rosen. And a special thanks to Pixelbrand Creative Agency for assisting in the artwork and graphics and Chris Collins, for the music and the video, and to Rohan Codling along with Sherri for creating the lyrics to “Give Me Your Truth”.


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