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Coming through hard time blues

Since September its been hard times blues for me in many ways with my health and my love.  I have found who is there for me and who cannot be there for me.

It’s been harsh lessons to learn, but I needed to learn these lessons.  When I look back over these months, and
where I am now, I am so grateful for the people in my life who have my back.  No matter if I have the blues or feelin’ depths of joy, they are with me every step of the way.  They don’t ask for anything from me, we are just there for one another.

I am not used to folks being there for me because I am so used to doing for myself and being so damn independent, but since September I had to reach out for help.  Wow, was that challenging!  But some folks came through and I now know what it’s like for people to have my back. 

I also learned about humility.  “Humility  does not mean you think less of yourself.  It means you think of yourself less.” Ken Blanchard

I know many of you out there have been going thru hard times and maybe are still going through them now, but if I may share something else: keep moving ahead, have patience, and be grateful for all of the love in your life.  Things change and if you don’t give up, hard times can turn into joyful times.

This September, I am fortunate to be be able to travel to Australia, half way around the world, to visit a client I have been working with, Camilla Chance, over over 9 years, on behalf of the Aboriginal people.  The hard time blues have turned into joy.  Very different place than one year ago.

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