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Why do good books go unread? (also on audio)


Why Do Good Books Go Unread ?

For writers and creative workers, publicists are the next best thing since sliced bread. And here’s why: if no one knows about your book, how will they know they can read it? How will they ever buy it, dog-ear its pages, underline favorite sentences, or tell their friends about it? Without good publicity, good books go unread.

If you’re publisher does not have a publicist, the safest thing an author can do to make sure their book does not go out of print is to hire a freelance publicist—especially when they have been recommended by another trusted writer, or when you have interviewed them and you like the way they do business. 

Finding a good publicist is not like shooting fish in a barrel. They are few and far between. And so when looking for a publicist, it’s good to ask the right questions: Do they have a good track record? Do you like the work they have done for others in the past? Do you think you can enjoy working with them? And most importantly: Do you feel like they are rooting for you? Do you feel they will do their very best for you? 

Explore their website. Are they creative? Do they have positive energy? Are they articulate and passionate? Do you feel like they know what you are doing? What is their background, and what contacts do they have?

Make sure that if you want to work as a team, that you hire that sort of publicist. Or, if you want to have a completely hands-off experience, make sure you hire that kind of publicist. If you want a large publicity firm, and want to dodge a relationship with the publicist, go with a large publicity firm with protocols and secretaries.

Writing is more than just your hobby. It’s your business. And a good publicist can help you do things right. No—it’s more than just your business. It’s your passion. And so find a publicist who will fan the flames, give your project wings, and make it soar. You deserve nothing less.

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