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Is our digital connection causing a disconnect with family, friends and love?

America is all abuzz. Kids pack the back of their hatchbacks and trek
it across the country to go to college. Young adults move to the big
city to get started with their new job. So many move again for
marriage, family, the business merger. In the midst of so much
mobility, so many of us have often asked ourselves: How important is
it for us to stay connected to our families?

With people moving great distances for jobs, crossing the country,
even oceans, we are becoming increasingly out of touch. Despite all of
our technological ways to stay connected, we physically are disconnected
by space and time. When our parents or grandparents do not live in the
same town, we have to make a focused effort to stay in touch.

What do you to stay connected? Do you prefer the phone? Have you tried
Skyping? Do you gchat or email? Is Facebook your primary means of
staying in touch? Or, like our ancestors, do you still pull out pen
and paper and write a real letter, stamp it, and send it off with the

In the midst of so much digital connection, it can be surprisingly
difficult to remember to actually use it. And so sometimes its good to

 Are we leaving a legacy of staying connected with our children
and family? Are we striving to maintain important long-distance
relationships? Do we care enough to go that extra mile?

Here’s the thing: nothing can compare to our relationships—no
pay-grade, no house, no better neighborhood, nothing. If we do not
labor to love, we will find ourselves with—well, to be honest—no love.

Have we lost touch with our extended family? Or maybe our best
friends? Then there is no better time than now to shoot off a
“thinking-of-you” email or a quick phone call. Heck, even a text is
better than nothing. Especially when autumn is turning into frosty
nights and cold days, it’s just so rich and sweet to connect with the
people we love.
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