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What authors are saying about Sherri Rosen’s award winning ebook “Give Me Your Truth”

What Edie Weinstein, author of “The Bliss Mistress” is saying about Sherri Rosen’s ebook ” Give Me Your Truth”

 I love the conversational, tell it like it is style. and the the wild red hair accents that are so YOU. This book invites the reader to examine their professional focus, the needs of their business and in whose hands they would feel comfortable ‘handing over’ the publicity tasks. It acknowledges that artists are not necessarily marketers and require someone skillful in that area. You also lay the groundwork by talking about love, integrity and open communication, daring to bare areas of vulnerability.

What Joy Keys, Host and Producer of Saturdays With Joy Keyes is saying: 
“Sherri Rosen offers great tips for writers on how to get their book written, published and in the hands of readers. She also offers wonderful life insights with soul baring honesty and clarity.”

What Camilla Chance, author of “Wisdom Man” is saying:
Inspirational books are flooding the market, and yet their popularity is increasing.  People are lapping them up, because the world is at transition stage and we can all sense it.  Sherri’s inspirational book is a practical one for writers, and that makes a difference.  She speaks our language.  She has a chapter called “A Lie is a Lie” – how very apt.  In all walks of life these days, I believe people are finding it harder and harder to lie.  In previous recent centuries, lack of hypocrisy shocked; but I feel we are coming into a time where hypocrisy shocks.  Not that there isn’t plenty of hypocrisy around us – but, among many voices, Sherri’s is a powerful one for clearing it away.  – Camilla Chance

What Barbara Chepaitis, author of “The Fear Principle” is saying:

“Sherri Rosen’s energy and talent for her job are immense.  She’s a dynamo at what she does, and this book captures the essence of what a really great publicist can accomplish.”

Give Me Your Truth“-See for yourself.

If you decide to buy the book on Kindle please write a review. It would be greatly appreciated.

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