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Get up and try, try by Sherri Rosen a/k/a Redhead’s Rap

What prompted this blog was Pink’s new song “Try”.

When I heard and saw the entire video I said to myself “yep, that’s what we have to do, we have to pick ourselves and try all over again.”
Trying is one thing, but perhaps making different choices.  If we see our old choices aren’t working, perhaps something isn’t quite right.
I know when I fall in love I fall into crazy like so many of us do.  Yet, there are apparent what I call red light signs, but I have fallen so hard
I keep the red lights on the back burner.  Nothing wrong with getting swept away in love, but just make sure you are aware of what
you are getting into, and perhaps the next time around you won’t have to “Try” but the choice will be the right one.  The most important
thing is to not give up on life and to keep on trying.
If I can learn by my mistakes, and I have made plenty of them,  so can you.  That’s the deal to actually take the risk, go out there and take
that chance, and if it works great and if it doesn’t then pick yourself up and begin all over again.  Love doesn’t come around too often,
and there aren’t that many people we have powerful connections with, that will last, so try to stay awake when you fall in love.  Crazy can be
good, love can be good, falling can be amazing, but pay attention if it ain’t feeling as good as you thought.
Once you are aware of the red lights, and you speak about them to other and nothing can be worked out, and you cannot even be friends, then there is only one thing
to do and that is to walk away, and again, learn and keep on trying.  Don’t give up!!!
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